Sprinklr: Unified Customer Experience Management Platform

Across your entire organization, Sprinklr provides an immediately deployable certification in AICPA SOC I and SOC II, PCI-compliant security framework, and data privacy measures that meet all GDPR and CCPA requirements. Comprehensive security framework provides enterprise-grade governance and compliance. All you need to do is post consistent and relatable content for your audience.

Sprinklr’s out-of-the-box industry-specific AI models enable you to minimize setup time and accelerate time-to-value. Utilize data visualizations, like charts and graphs, to enhance the report’s impact. Regularly trading signals sharing custom reports with stakeholders fosters transparency and supports data-driven decision-making. However, before you do that, here are some important reasons for checking the analytics for your business.

Build and protect your brand’s reputation, and take action at every point in the marketing lifecycle. Gain a comprehensive measure of your earned media — and connect stories across social and news channels — by using Sprinklr’s proprietary AI engine to monitor and analyze media coverage. Contact us today, and we’ll create a customised proposal that addresses your unique business needs. Contact us today, and we’ll create a customized proposal that addresses your unique business needs. As he builds the company, Thomas, who is a person of color, has codified diversity and inclusion into the company’s charter, what he calls the “Sprinklr Way.” “For us, diversity and inclusion is not impossible.

Some sites like Instagram and Pinterest allow business accounts to post images linked to their shoppable items. These usually pop up in the feed with a shopping link and users can proceed to the merchant store to complete their transaction. Don’t really like the social media manager interface, it’s not intuitive. Platform APIs do not support some features, such as Instagram story videos.

  • Sprinklr uses planning, publishing, and reporting tools that are embedded across all owned digital properties.
  • Interpret data from all channels on one platform — and turn actionable insights into better experiences.
  • These tools enable you to monitor conversations, schedule and manage content, supercharge your advertising and delve into in-depth performance metrics — all in one place.
  • You can track engagement, reach and conversions to identify the areas driving results and those that need improvement.
  • Our Live Slide™ technology helps you quickly create slides of live, real-time social and business data and content that are easily accessible for all stakeholders, empowering you to tell your story in a visually compelling way.

You can post blogs about using your product creatively or discuss the trending topics in your industry or niche. Features related to tracking, measuring, and analyzing content creation processes and content performance. Features related to the organization and distribution of marketing content. Improve First Call Resolution by assisting agents with contextual recommendations and relevant information, in real-time.

This is doable for a human team without a social tool to a certain extent. Social media is a great platform to learn about people’s problems and interests. If you’re still not sold on how social media can make a world of difference in your marketing efforts, here are a few solid reasons. You might have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sprinklr Marketing Features

There is the RFP process that will occur with the Sprinklr team that will define the terms, licenses, and pricing for your company. These processes can be tricky and time consuming, however, at Saas Advisor, this is our specialty. Sprinklr has been busy the last few years acquiring a dozen companies, then rewriting their code base and incorporating them into the company’s customer experience platform. Today, the late-stage startup went back to the fundraising well for the first time in four years, and it was a doozy, raising $200 million on a $2.7 billion valuation. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website.

  • Effective social media analytics tracking begins with setting up tracking metrics aligned with your business goals.
  • The conversational commerce feature of Sprinklr creates end-to-end customer experience by accurately identifying customer intent and suggesting on-brand responses that aim to deliver consistent brand experiences.
  • However, he also provides in-depth reviews on a wide range of software solutions to help businesses find suitable options for them.
  • Customers have the ability to store Sprinklr’s platform data for a rolling 12-, 36-, or 84-months to meet operational or regulatory compliance needs for Account or Listening data.
  • You can create meaningful conversations and engage your audience better by posting photos, videos and news about interesting trends in your industry.
  • Comprehensive security framework provides enterprise-grade governance and compliance.

On a single platform, Sprinklr lets social media teams plan, publish, and measure performance, which also facilitate cross-team collaboration and visibility. IKEA made the most of a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform to get the “media impact score” capability through media monitoring and analytics. This score reported the impact of news articles released by the IKEA public relations team, based on relevance, engagement, domain authority, global rank and syndication. Because the system has a single code base, everything works seamlessly with each other. This is because when the data is unified across social channels, the analytics provided will lead to better insights to improve performance.

Whether it’s measuring engagement rates, reach, click-through rates or conversion rates, ensure that your tracking metrics are specific, measurable and relevant to your goals. Moreover, tracking competitor sentiment and customer feedback can highlight gaps in your brand’s offerings or areas where your brand can excel. It’s an opportunity to refine your messaging and enhance your brand’s value proposition.

The money came from private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, which also invested $300 million in buying back secondary shares. Meanwhile the company also announced $150 million in convertible securities from Sixth Street Growth. That’s a lot of action for a company that’s been quiet on the fundraising front for years. best leading indicators for day trading Sprinkler automatically manages reviews by star rating, sentiment, keywords, product name, and the concerned department. The Unified-CXM approach identifies and sorts negative ratings and reviews at scale. It also demands you be present and cater to the audience’s needs and comments as quickly as possible.

Optimize your social media strategy

This competitive intelligence allows you to identify opportunities and refine your strategies accordingly. It is one of the smartest tools that allow us to manage multiple social media sites by adding content and addressing clients. The primary goal of Sprinklr is to consistently deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

Sprinklr Insights​

In addition, automation delivers consistent experiences crucial in building customer loyalty. Given this customer data, Sprinklr helps social media teams dissect feedback through powerful listening tools to identify key sentiments and needs. By providing customer-centric and seamless experiences across all channels, engagement grows. Social engagement is just one of the tools included in the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform of Sprinklr. Social media analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data from various social media platforms to gain insights into the performance and impact of a brand’s online presence. It involves tracking and measuring key metrics, like engagement, reach, click-through rates and conversions, to understand audience behavior, content effectiveness and overall social media strategy success.

Unmasking your audience

Sprinklr captures every signal of customer intent by combining tools for listening and AI. Through conversations that are personal and customer-centric, Sprinklr facilitates instant responses to specific customer concerns at every touchpoint. Instant collation of data lets you understand social trends in real time.

Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that encourages and enables small businesses to build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard. The key idea of Shopify is to offer a platform to anybody interested in selling stuff but is unable to do so due to the lack of the right tool. Businesses can encourage their audience to generate unique content to engage with their brand while boosting sales through shoppable posts and images. Various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube, allow people to share content, interact online and build communities.

Redefine service as a proactive, digital-first experience on the native channels that your customers love. Connect with customers on 30+ modern channels — and protect your reputation at every touchpoint. Redefine service as a proactive, digital-first experience on the native channels your customers love. Tarim Wasim a partner at investor Hellman & Friedman, sees a company with tremendous potential to lead a growing market.

Monitor and analyze

Discover what brings in-store customers back — or drives them away — at everything from individual locations to global regions with real-time feedback that spotlights how customers feel when they meet your brand face-to-face. Analyze every conversation instantly to surface the best suggestions, predictions, and warnings agents need to improve productivity — and solve customer issues faster. Access powerful low volatility option strategies tools that let you automate contact center workflows and processes, making it easier to solve customer conversations during the first contact. Connect with customers on more than 30 modern channels – and protect your reputation at every touchpoint. It is the best program used for managing all of our social media content. Allows brands to capitalize on customer conversations and quickly reply to feedback.

This means that it connects to other business and IT systems that you are using already. Systems such as Nexgate, Marketo, and Salesforce among others have worked well with Sprinklr. Furthermore, the flexible architecture helps support thousands of users and dozens of social channels. Moreover, should customers and developers want to build applications, an external API is also available for them.

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