About Vasal Education Group

Vasal Education is a powerhouse in the field of education, a legacy network brand of pre-schools and K-12 schools with a distinctive approach to learning and teaching that gives society a sense of purpose to move ahead and deliver education that is world-class and ahead of the competition.

Standing tall and future-ready our school brands are resilient and future-ready to take on the challenges that lie on the horizon.

“In my hometown of Dasuya, Punjab, people usually send their kids to other towns for studies. I wanted to change that because I realized the role education plays in a man’s life. If your elementary level of education is good, then your fundamentals become quite clear and this is a huge contributing factor in life. In tier 1 cities, this type of education is being provided at a very high cost. We intend to offer the same international standard of education and educational experience at a very low price.”

– Sanjeev Vasal, Chairman of Vasal Educational Group


To spread quality education by Putting an evolving curriculum in place, designed by curriculum writers Choosing teachers with positive attitudes and a willingness to expand their capacities through learning and training Building exciting learning environments with education professionals who manage and monitor the educational processes in schools


In a world where change is fast and unpredictable, education cannot remain 'static'. We create dynamic education models that transform hearts and minds. We make every school a high-quality school, evolving the delivery and experience of education.


We are committed to drive new-age education.

Core Values


Educational innovation is at the heart of our company. We push ourselves to solve challenges in school operations by approaching them from different angles. Thoughtful analysis is backed by executional excellence.


We honour our commitments and keep our clients’ parametres front and centre through every process. We hold ourselves accountable to client expectations.


We present a clear picture of processes, performance and possibilities to our clients. An open dialogue helps us achieve more, together.

Connection & Teamwork

We foster positive working relationships and have a deep respect for people.

Courage To Change

We embrace change fearlessly and encourage our clients to do the same, by giving them a roadmap. Proactive change is the only way to keep moving forward.


Honest, fair and genuine conversations help us and our clients to reach further than we thought possible.

Global Outlook

We exist in an interdependent global community. We keep ourselves updated on the latest world trends and movements, so we can apply the knowledge to provide better services.

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