About Us

Vasal Educational Group

Started from a single school in Dasuya, Vasal Educational Group has today grown into a movement that provides quality education through its 3 play schools and 4 senior schools. In our schools thousands of parents and their children are assured of opportunities enough for each one blossoming into a good human and a successful individual in any walk of life. We have an operational society and management wing to support our vision and mission in making and managing schools

Our Vision

We create futures where our students become responsible, thinking, creative and innovative to stay ahead of times.

Our Mission

  1. To create dynamic environments of ample opportunities towards empowering our children with future readiness skills.
  2. Have a curriculum that matches times and enhances the capacities of our children to master skills for effective learning.
  3. Build and improve infrastructure and facilities to match learning needs.
  4. To deliver what we promise and be responsive to student aspirations and parent expectations.


In our endeavour to provide effective management we have professionals to monitor and manage educational process. We provide school management services.

vasal educational group

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